I was born in "LA" (lower Arkansas), where flowers flourish and southern ladies know how to plant, grow and arrange them. Since this is my heritage I claim it and incorporate it into my artwork with great love. Southern culture with its traditional designs led me to china painting versus more contemporary art forms. I painted these lovely designs while other kids were learning to play piano. I appreciate the beauty of plants and the mystery of their color accents, whether sharp and unexpected or more subtle, and incorporate this into my enamel work. My pendants grow from multiple enameled pieces and stones that uniquely mimic flowers and plants. Basically a visual person, I am more concerned with shape, form, space and color. These are the things I think about and use in my one-of-a-kind enamel work which continues to change as my expertise grows. Enameling is such a surprise every time the piece is removed from the kiln and the change from a dry powder to a wonderful iridescent color is revealed. There is something truly magic about enameling and the sense of anticipation as each piece emerges from the kiln to take on new color.